New! Alloy BigStik - 9oz - $59.95

Slide/Lock foam grip lets you set any height.

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Just flip your BigStik upside down for pavement.

$59.95 -- New! 56 inch Alloy BigStik™ - Made with anodized 7075-T9 aluminum tubing; the strongest aluminum hiking pole you can buy... no bending no matter how much weight you put on it. Lifetime breakage warranty. The patented joints have no wiggle and cannot slip or collapse and are stronger than the tubing. Includes three 14" Aluminum sections, and one 14" Epoxy/Glass filled Aluminum Tip section, Slide/Lock Foam Grip you can position anywhere, and rubber top cap. Packs down to 18" long. Weighs 9.0 ounces (255gm). All the tops and tips accessories for the Carbon BigStik will fit the Alloy BigStik. Flying?... buy the Crutch Top accessory and use it while you board the plane. Free Shipping to 50 States.
Shipping time... we usually ship one or two days after your order and we use USPS 2-3 Day Priority mail so you'll have your Big Stik in less than a week.
$99.95 -- Pair of 56 inch Alloy BigStiks™ - A good deal if you prefer hiking with two poles. Free Shipping to 50 States.
$9.00-- Texas Toothpick Swap - Before we ship your Alloy BigStik, one of the standard 14" Sections is swapped out for a 10" Texas Toothpick Section making your Stik 52" long. Jam the Toothpick into the dirt for a camera monopod, or shelter pole. Great for self-defense. You can sheath the Toothpick at the top, in the middle or at the bottom of your BigStik. The BigStik sections are still hollow all the way through. (Don't take onto a plane.)

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--SEAMUS BELLAMY - Special to The Globe and Mail - Published Friday, Jun. 06, 2014
"Who would have though that the LuxuryLite Bigstik would prove to be the most valuable piece of equipment I carried with me on my journey? The lightweight, carbon fibre and aluminum walking stick helped me keep my footing as I descended mountain paths or traversed the Caminoís many steep, rocky hills or stepping-stone foot bridges over streams swollen with the spring melt. On days where the terrain was flat, or at the end of the day, breaking down the BigStik to stow it in my bag and out of the way only took seconds. This ability to stash the stick proved invaluable when hopping planes to Europe or returning home to Canada. Considering all of the stories Iíve heard of other travellers being forced to ship their walking staff or trekking poles home via courier, portability was a great perk."

The BigStik is the only carbon staff with:
  -a lifetime breakage warranty... you get a new Section.
    -joints that NEVER wear out or fail and have zero wiggle.
      -an eco-friendly tip lasts 2,000 miles and never breaks.
        -the 100,000+ mile Monster Carbide tip option.
          -a short packed length of 18.5 inches.
            -a sliding hand strap to set any grip height instantly.
              -accessories from cane tops to pro camera mounts.
                -the strength to support a 350lb hiker with a 50lb pack.
                  -a US Patent: 8,136,542.

BigStik customer reviews-
$149.95 -- 50 inch Carbon BigStik™ The hand feel and grip on the carbon staff is amazing... high friction plus never gets hot or cold. Includes three Carbon Sections (two 15" and one 11"), Slide/Lock Handstrap and moveable foam grip, rubber top cap, and 9" Aluminum Epoxy/Glass filled tip... and you can flip the BigStik upside down to use the rubber cap for quiet walking on pavement. You will feel totally secure leaning on just one BigStick. Your other arm is free for balancing and gripping the rocks, trees, etc. Weighs 8.0 ounces (225gm). -- Free Shipping to 50 States.
$179.95 -- 65 inch Carbon BigStik™ Four Carbon Sections (three 15" and one 11"), Slide/Lock handstrap and moveable foam grip, rubber top cap, and 9" Aluminum Epoxy/Glass filled tip. You will feel totally secure reaching waaay downhill on this BigStick. Weighs 10.5 ounces (298 grams) -- Free Shipping to 50 States.

$10.00-- Texas Toothpick Swap - Before we ship your 50" or 65" BigStik, the standard 11" Carbon Section is swapped out for the 11" Texas Toothpick Carbon Section. Jam it into the dirt for a camera monopod or use for self-defense. The Texas Toothpick will sheath all the way into the 9" Aluminum Tip or into any other Carbon Section. You can put the Toothpick at the top, in the middle or at the bottom of your BigStik. The BigStik is still hollow all the way through. Don't take onto a plane.
$25 -- USPS Priority Air Mail postage for one BigStik to Canada and most other countries.
$40 -- UPS 2nd Day Air to 50 States for one or two BigStiks.

The BigStik is the ideal staff for weekend walks or a PCT thruhike. The BigStik won't fail you in the middle of nowhere. LifeTime Breakage Warranty because this is not a new, unproven product; we sold the first BigStik in 2008. After seven years and several hundred thousand trail miles, all aspects of the design have been tested and proven... and the patented joints really work.

Change the grip height of your BigStik every few seconds on rocky up and down trail sections. The Slide/Lock Hand Strap uses a Prussik knot that slides easily when you push up or down where the cord encircles the staff, but grips instantly and never slips with downward pressure on the hand loop.

The anodized aluminum tip has epoxy/glass fill at the bottom that sticks on rocks better than carbide and lasts 2,000+ miles. And the wide aluminum tip does not damage tree roots and trails like those tiny pointy carbide tips. For paved roads, sidewalks and airports simply flip the BigStik upsidedown when you hit pavement to use the quiet rubber tip. All the carbon sections are hollow... airport security can see right through. Or, the BigStik becomes a long pipe to collect water from hard to reach streams or seeps. Packs down to 18" long to fit easily in your pack or suitcase.

Calorie Burn Information: Want to carry less food and not get hungry?... hike with ONE BigStik hiking pole. Want to burn more calories to lose weight?... then walk with two poles: In the Feb 19, 2013 issue at "According to the American Nordic Walking Association walking with two poles burns more that 40 percent more calories per hour and works more muscles than normal walking." If you are a long distance hiker, then use one BigStik and, on easy trail sections, swing it horizontally in your hand for the most efficient natural stride... allowing you to carry less food weight.


$169.95 -- 53 inch Carbon BigStik™ Security Staff.
The solid brass ball top makes this one pound security staff your friend. Includes two 15" Carbon Sections and one 11" Texas Toothpick Carbon Section. The 9" aluminum tip is epoxy filled for trails and has a rubber cap for quiet walking on paved surfaces. Height to the top of Brass Ball is 53". The foam grip can be moved to where you like. The Texas Toothpick section can be plugged in where you want it... at the top, middle, or bottom of the staff. Free Shipping to 50 States.

Features of LuxuryLite® BigStik are protected by US Patent 8,136,542.
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