2.5lb External Frame Wilderness StackPack with the exclusive Hook Belt. Total weight is 2.5 lbs [1130 grams] for the 55 liter (3350 cubic inches) model. You can add the flip-out Sit Pad to make an instant high-back trail/camp chair. Need lots of room?... order a 75 or 100 liter version. The StackPack eliminates the biggest hassle in backpacking... finding the thing you need! All your gear is easy to grab from individual rain-proof Barrel Bags (that weigh only 4oz each) with full-width velcro openings. You can have anything you need in your hand 5 seconds after stopping. On the trail since 2002, the StackPack works for overnight trips, border-to-border thru-hikes, and any trek in-between. We don't exaggerate the storage volume, we fill the Barrel Bag with water, weigh it, subtract the dry weight, and convert to liters.

You can leave the Hook Belt on for the entire day. No need to re-discover that 'just-right' waist belt setting after every rest stop. Since you can leave it on when you take the pack off. The Hook Belt allows you to lift the pack off in a few seconds and set it down with no belt dragging in the dirt/mud/thorns. The StackPack stays upright all by itself. Set the shoulder straps kinda loose and there is no weight compressing your spine. If you tighten the shoulder straps you can share the load between shoulders and hips. The coolest and warmest pack design.... in the summer no sweaty pads press on your back. The pack pumps air as it moves back and forth a little with each step. In the winter, you put the Hook Belt on, then your jacket. Your jacket's inssulation stays fully lofted. You lift the tail of the jacket to drop the frame onto the Hook.

If you need lots of room, four Barrel Bags will fit on the frame for 100 liter capacity. Add the Front Pack to carry an additional counter-balancing 10 lbs of water/gadgets/snacks up front. The frame is hand made in our shop in Texas using our proprietary epoxy bonded precision machined joints. The joints do not fail from fatigue stress like welded frames. The Barrel Bags are sewn in our shop in Texas from sail fabric made in the USA.
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Free Shipping on all items. Lifetime Warranty and 30 Day Free Trial.

$75 - StackPack Frame with Shoulder Straps. This telescoping frame fits anyone, child to adult, guy or gal, no compromise on comfort. Mount any bag or container you want to use. The maximum height of 36 inches allows you to mount 1, 2, 3, or 4 Barrel Bags. Lifetime Warranty and 30 Day Free Trial.
$15 - Slide-0ut Sit Pad. Hides on top of the frame shelf under the bottom Barrel Bag. Weighs 4oz. Slide it out and flip open to turn your pack into a high back lounge chair you can set to any angle.
$35 - Hook Belt fits 24 to 40 inch waist. Weighs 8oz. Will work on any LuxuryLie Pack frame made since 2002.
$15 - Modify Hook Belt to fit 35 to 55 inch waist.
$35 - Barrel Bag - 18x9 inches. 1140 cuin, 18.5 liter capacity. Weight = 4.0oz. Made with black gridstop laminated racing sailcloth that is lighter and more durable than cuben fabric. The gray end panels use a kevlar X-Ply grid. Free shipping.
$45 - Barrel Bag - 20x10 inches. 1550 cuin, 25 liter capacity. Weight = 4.4oz. Made with black gridstop laminated racing sailcloth that is lighter and more durable than cuben fabric. The gray end panels use a kevlar X-Ply grid. Free shipping.
$75 - 1.8oz RadLite Barrel Bag - 18x9 inches. 1140 cuin, 18.5 liter capacity. Weighs 1.8oz. Made with Dilon spinnaker fabric that is more durable than cuben fabric. Coated rainproof. Translucent so you can see what's inside. Free shipping.
$55 - Custom Barrel Bag - 18x9 inches or 20x10. . Made from the fabric you specify or send us. Tbe bag in the photo used a Purina Cat Chow sack. Totally waterproof, blocks smells, very tough, and weighs 4.2oz.
$65 - Mesh Barrel Bag - 20x10 inches. . 1550 cuin, 25 liter capacity. Weight = 3oz. Made with ultralight mesh fabric. Carry wet clothes so they don't get moldy and can dry out.
$65 - Tough Skin Barrel Bag - 20x10 inches. Weighs 9oz. Made with triple layer laminated polypropylene fabric. Rainproof. Very tough... carry tools, rocks, etc, toss it across the river, slide it down the cliff with no damage. Free shipping.
$25 - Front Pack/Hydration Pack. Click for specs.
$29 -- Trail Umbrella - Camo color -- 7 ounces (200 grams). Free shipping. Hike in the shade all the time! Slips into the top tube extensions on either side of the StackPack frame. Packs down to 8" long by 2" diameter so it stores easily in any Barrel Bag or inside the Front Pack. The opened diameter is 34". You can slide your hand up and collapse the umbrella instantly for tight trail sections. The umbrella shaft telescopes so you can set how close it is to your head.
$49.95 -- MetroWild CoroCase & Seat - 30 liter capacity hard side case. Supports 300lbs sitting on top. Airline carry-on legal dimensions. Weighs 2lb 9oz. Rainproof, or it's a bucket - fill with water/ice. Attaches/detaches in seconds to the aluminum frame with 4 velcro tabs. Barrel Bag will sit on top. Free shipping.

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$60 - Optional UPS 2nd Day Air shipping to the 50 States for one Stackpack with accessories.
$75 - Post Office Air Mail shipping to Canada, Japan and most international destinations for one Stackpack and accessories.

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