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The StackPack-70L
Ultralight External Frame Backpack
with the unique Hook Belt

The StackPack-70L is the only ultralight external frame backpack on the market. Total weight is 40 ounces (1130 grams) which includes three gear cylinders, the frame and shoulder belts, and the Hook Belt. Proven since 2002, the StackPack's mission is to carry 30lbs on overnight trips, border-to-border thru-hikes, and any trek in-between. All your gear is easy to find in the three individual rain-proof gear cylinders with full width velcro openings. Add the Front Pack, below, to carry an additional 10 lbs of water/gadgets/snacks up front. The Front Pack will counter-balance the backpack load and hardly feel any heavier. The frame is made entirely from Easton 7075-T9 tubing with our proprietary epoxy bonded machined joints that do not fail from fatigue stress like welded frames. We include a free flip-out coroplast sit pad to make an instant high-back trail/camp chair.

• Total weight of the Frame/Belt/3 Gear Cylinders (70 ltr) is 2lb 8oz (1.13 kg)
• Use the Pack with no belt like a rucksack and it weighs only 2lbs.
• The telescoping anodized Easton aluminum frame automatically fits any torso length... no pins or clamps.
• No compression on your spine, the Hook Belt bears all the weight.
• The Hook Belt can be set for a 24-40 inch waistline (option below for 35-55in)
• If your gear is packed with the weight not centered, just rotate the Hook Belt to compensate.
• Carry any heavy item or bear canister on the frame's bottom shelf. Click for picture.
• Lifetime Warranty; 30 Day Free Trial.
• Made in Texas, USA. Scroll down for more detailed information.

$169 - StackPack-70L Ultralight Telescoping Aluminum Frame with Hook Belt (Gear Cylinders not included) Weight is 24oz. (765gm)
$10 UPS Ground shipping to the 50 States. (Overnight and International shipping options below.)
Free accessories included:
1) moveable/removeable foam lumbar pad for the Hook Belt. Click for picture.
2) flip-out corroplast sit pad that makes the pack in 10 seconds into a high back trail/camp chair. Click for picture.
$75 - Set of Three Gear Cylinders. Two 18"x10" and one 16"x10". - 3845 cubic inches (63 liters). Black PU coated nylon. Made in the China.
$55 - One 18" long x 10" diameter Cylinder for StackPack - 1414 cubic inches (23 liters). 3.6oz. Glossy Black outside, gray inside. Made from waterproof 3-layer laminated racing sail fabric. Three of these cylinders delivers 70liter capacity. Made in Texas.
$35 - Front Pack/Hydration Pack. Free shipping with StackPack order. Click for specs.

The RIBZ Front Pack
This is the original 2009 model green
Military style heavy duty Ribz with big zippers
and wide green shoulder straps. Brand new, size Large.
Weighs 18oz. Super rugged and holds a LOT.
We found a box of them on the shelf.
Click the picture to order the 2015 version from Ribz.
$30 - RIBZ® Front Pack. $5 shipping.
$60 - Optional UPS 2nd Day Air shipping to the 50 States.
$75 - Post Office Air Mail shipping to Canada, Japan and most international destinations.

"Four or five years ago I got a LuxuryLite pack from you and it has extended my outdoor career far longer than my aging back deserves." Frank Z. 3/2010
The StackPack-70 is the only ultralight external frame backpack. The breakthrough Hook Belt™ and individual gear Cylinders makes backpacking much more fun. Your gear stays organized and accessible inside the individual Cylinders. Keeps all dirty/wet gear isolated from food, cameras, clean clothes. Adjust the waist belt once to the perfect fit and leave it that way all day long because you can slip the frame off and on the Hook just like a beltless rucksack. Your torso length does not matter because telescoping frame adjusts so that the shoulder straps are not weight-bearing. There is no compression weight on your spinal column. The telescoping frame will fit anyone from 4'6" to 6'8" tall.

All the weight of your gear inside the Cylinders rests on the shelf at the bottom of the frame. And, you can set any food canister on the shelf with the Gear Cylinders stacked on top. The velcro loops that hold the Cylinders to the vertical frame tubes are not weight bearing so we can use ultralite fabric without tearing. The Hook Belt supports all the pack weight while the shoulder straps keep the pack stable, but loose, comfortable, and cool. The Hook Belt means you can set your pack down without the waist belt dragging in the dirt, mud, and poison ivy. Set the pack down anywhere and it automatically stands upright and rainproof.

The Cylinders can be removed in a few seconds to use inside your shelter like duffle bags. Cylinders are made from triple-layer gridstop laminated polyester fabric that is light, tough, and waterproof. You can float this pack across a lake and nothing gets wet. The outside surface is a layer of glossy polymer film that does not absorb any rain or dirt, same as the fabric on the LuxuryLite Ultralight Cot. Each Cylinder has a full-width Velcro closure (no zippers to jam and leak) that makes access to all gear fast and easy. The frame's vertical side rails extend one inch above the horizontal top tube so you can hang the LuxuryLite Front Pack, hiking poles, dog leashes, etc.

The shoulder straps can be moved right or left along the frame top tube (even while walking) to perfectly fit your shoulders. The waist belt can be set easily from 24 to 40 inches with a moveable Velcro loop strap. There is no click-to-open belt buckle; you can change the snugness of the belt by fractions of an inch for optimum comfort. A set of three Cylinders will hold a lot more gear than a typical internal frame pack rated at the same cubic inches. Because there are no wasted corners and no double-counted external pockets.

The StackPack means you no longer need a big collection of packs and luggage for different wild and metro treks. One ultralight pack does it all. If you are carrying a small 10-15 lb load, you can leave the Hook Belt in camp and use just the shoulder straps. With a single Cylinder on the frame the StackPack weighs only 1.25 pounds (20 ounces). The modular StackPack-70 works without compromise for all your adventures... day trips, overnighters, weekenders, global adventure travel, expeditions, or six month thru-hikes. We have been selling LuxuryLite external frame packs since 2002 and we know it is so reliable, we offer a Lifetime Warranty. (see the Home Page for details).

Download the StackPack User Guide (1.5 meg MSWord file)
$55 - Hook Belt alone with movable lumbar pad, fits 24 to 44 inch waist. Weighs 8oz.
$5 shipping to the 50 States.
The Hook Belt will work on any LuxuryLite pack frame with a curved or straight bottom tube.
$25 - Additional cost for Extra Long Hook Belt with movable lumbar pad, fits 35 to 55 inch waist.
If you have any questions, send email to this address:

or call (979) 900-6280 ask for Bruce.

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