Seamus Bellamy
June 2014
I hiked the 780-km Camino de Santiago, to test 12 pieces of high tech hardware. Who would have though that the LuxuryLite Bigstik would prove to be the most valuable piece of equipment I carried with me on my journey? The lightweight, carbon fibre and aluminum walking stick helped me keep my footing as I descended mountain paths or traversed the Caminoís many steep, rocky hills or stepping-stone foot bridges over streams swollen with the spring melt. On days where the terrain was flat, or at the end of the day, breaking down the BigStik to stow it in my bag and out of the way only took seconds. This ability to stash the stick proved invaluable when hopping planes to Europe or returning home to Canada. Considering all of the stories Iíve heard of other travellers being forced to ship their walking staff or trekking poles home via courier, portability was a great perk.
February 2008
For those who prefer a hiking staff, there are few choices on the market that use modern materials. Constructed of carbon fiber and aluminum, the Big Survival Stik improves on the traditional hardwood staff with very stiff shafts, low weight, and extra durability. Further, it includes a hand strap, an aluminum tip, and an integrated trail defense system for protection (and fireside conversation). Itís a good alternative to a classic piece of gear.

Frank Stockdale Carney
August 10, 2014
If you ever need someone to praise your equipment, Iím a fan. Attached is a picture of me with your hiking poles on my recent hike of the kora circumambulating Mt. Kawa Kharpo in Tibet. Over a 100 miles of the trek I was climbing up and down between 6,000 and 15,000 feet.

Dean F.
October, 2013
It isn't some cheap gag item, if that's what you're asking- it is actually pretty well made and incredibly sturdy. It will EASILY take you leaning all your weight on it during a stream crossing- I've done far worse than that to it. And I've come to rather like the Prusik knot wrist-strap.

Chip Kelyman
December 07, 2014
I threw on my backpack (roughly 25 pounds) and did a 6.5 mile walk this afternoon, I can't believe the efficency in using your sticks. At 57 years old, 2 knee surgeries and currently without an ACL on one leg and a bad MCL on the other (dirtbike last year - some people never grow up), I can't believe how much less sore my knees were after the walk. I took 13 minutes off the walk, perhaps, yes, walking a little faster but more importantly, not having to stop and let my knees rest for a few minutes. Good stuff, these are a permanent part of my walking/hiking gear.

Marc Conrad
August 01, 2014
I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed hiking with the LuxuryLite BigStik. I ordered the extra 14'' tip for added height. It was perfect for my family's hiking trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I needed a reliable, strong, and light weight hiking staff that would collapse for air travel. The BigStik performed in all categories. It was easy to collapse and reassemble

April 28, 2014
Just a quick note to say I love my BigStik. Just got back from a 5 day trailwork trip in the Olympics logging out in the Brothers Wilderness with crosscut saws. Needless to say my pack was heavy! The BigStick was great for giving me stability while carrying a tool in the opposite hand. I also like the ability on flat sections of trail to return to a natural arm swinging gait.